Luka Važić

What I’m doing now

Using my spare time to learn TensorFlow.

I got excited about machine learning after a 4 year long break. The last big thing I did was my thesis and this field has evolved so much ever since.

I am fortunate to be working at Google and being able to learn about latest and greatest techniques straight from the TensorFlow team.

Training for Mount Shasta.

I'll attempt to summit Mount Shasta in May 2020.

Summitting Mount Whitney in June 2019 and going through physical and mental struggles to reach the peak and get down safely taught me a lot.

Now I want to attempt at least Mount Shasta, if not a few other 14ers in California. I train for at least 1.5 hours a day 6 days a week.

Updated January 28th, 2019, from Mountain View, California.